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Who we are

MDPI is an academic open access publisher based in Basel, Switzerland, and was initially founded in 1996 to collect and preserve rare chemical research samples. To support samples project, MDPI started the journal Molecules the same year. Since 1996, MDPI has grown into a publishing house with more than 190 diverse open access journals and over 5.8 million webpage views each month. With further editorial offices in Beijing and Wuhan (China), Barcelona (Spain) and Belgrade (Serbia) MDPI is backed by over 24,418 academic editors and scientists worldwide.

What we offer

  • Over 21 years of open access publishing experience.
  • Trained editorial staff to support each journal.
  • Rapid publication, standardized systems: a first decision was provided in 2017 in just under 25.3 days; once accepted, papers are published within 6 to 7 days.
  • Capacity to manage large volumes of publications, with more than 35,950 articles published in 2017.
  • High visibility: 7,300,000 monthly page views and article downloads in 2017 and optimized search and indexing.
  • Highly efficient in-house editorial production and professional in-house English editing.
  • Competitive Article Processing Charges (APC): the average cost to authors across all journals (including those with no APC) was 946 CHF per paper in 2017.

List of services

MDPI will bring the following advantages to your existing or new journal:

Conversion to Open Access

We can convert a subscription-based journal to open access, maintaining a high number of publications and a robust income.

Editorial Handling of Manuscripts

Our trained and professional editorial staff can take care of manuscript submissions, the peer-review process, and post-acceptance-production process: copy-editing, English editing, editing of LaTeX files, as well as Microsoft Word files, conversion to and tagging of, fulltext and XML versions, professional production of PDF versions for online publication of articles submitted to your journal, enabling you to spend more time on tasks that really matter to you.

Fast Editorial Procedure

In 2017, across all articles published by MDPI, the average time for a first editorial decision was 25.3 days and the average time from submission to publication was 50 days. Due to its infrastructure and internal organization, MDPI maintains one of the fastest and most straightforward procedures in the industry.

Fast and Easy-to-Use Platform

秒速赛车是哪里的开奖 also incorporates an electronic submission and reviewing system, including a workflow from manuscript submission to editorial processing (peer-review, revisions, decision-making), copy-editing and proofreading, xml conversion and up to final publication. The platform is interlinked with a growing number of services, including TrendMD, Altmetric, CrossRef, and CiteULike.

Strategic Development of your Journal

A dedicated field-specific Managing Editor will support your organization and the Editor-in-Chief in the management of the journal by providing regular progress reports on the journal, conducting field-specific market research and competition analyses relevant to your journal, providing annual financial reports, and managing any accounting aspects related to the journal.

High Visibility

Offering more visibility for your publications by listing your published items in the search results at 秒速赛车是哪里的开奖, which currently attracts over 4.3 million monthly page views and 3 million monthly PDF downloads (comprising the primary content of over 190 open access research journals, as well as content from electronic conferences at A high ranking on Google and other major search engines is essential, so we ensure fulltext indexing and search engine optimization by Google.

Automated Metadata Exchange

MDPI will automatically register DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers for all published items with Crossref, as well as automatically depositing published items into the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), PubMed, and other similar databases.

Indexing and Abstracting Services

MDPI works with over 80 indexing and abstracting services, and will arrange all articles to be evaluated in the leading and domain-specific indexing and abstracting databases, ensuring that publications reach the widest audience of scholars. Databases include the Web of Science? suite of indexes, Scopus, PubMed, Chemical Abstracts and many others.

Marketing and promotion of the journal

Promotion and marketing activities for the journal, such as conference sponsorship, digital marketing and stakeholder communication at conferences, flyers, and newsletters.

Conferences Organisation

MDPI has the infrastructure and expertise to organize conferences. Societies, organisation or Individuals have the possibility to organize its own conference using MDPI infrastructure. You can see examples of previously organized conferences at WSF-6, BSF-2 and MMCS2017. For more information on other physical and electronic conference please visit Sciforum.

Long-Term Preservation

MDPI will take care of the long-term archiving of your publications by depositing a full copy in the Swiss National Library electronic collection a-Helvetica) and CLOCKSS. MDPI is a member of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), which enables the distribution of additional copies of publications to university archives around the world. Authors are also encouraged to self-archive the final version of their published articles into institutional repositories(such as those listed in the Directory of Open Access Repositories).

Hosting the Journal Back-File

MDPI can host your journal back-file online on its platform, so that all volumes and issues of the journal are searchable from the same location.

Retaining Ownership

You or your organization retains the full ownership of the publication. MDPI operates the publication on your behalf. Other models are possible and can be discussed.

Enjoy Income from your Publication

MDPI can take care of the billing and collecting of article processing charges and pay out a quarterly, or half-yearly fee to you or your organization. Alternatively, we can offer a pricing mechanism where you will be billed for the number of manuscripts processed and published on your behalf, while you or your organization retains control of the billing. MDPI is open to negotiate terms and conditions.

Offer High-Quality Reprints

MDPI offers high-quality, on-demand reprints of any article, volume or special issue to authors and readers of a journal. Special issues can also be published in book format and be made available on demand.

Reviewer benefits

MDPI has a partnership with Publons to recognize the important work of the reviewers. Reviewers can opt in to get credit when reviewing for MDPI journals. Publons provides a number of benefits to reviewers, including generating certificates to prove reviewing history, and managing data and links to other services like ORCID. MDPI also offers vouchers (a discount from the publication fee) to reviewers and publishes a reviewer acknowledgement every year.

Membership discounts

MDPI offers institutional memberships for universities and their libraries, where affiliated authors benefit from discounts for publishing with our open access journals. This results in increased number of submissions from participant institutions. MDPI has a very flexible and non-binding agreement, which makes it attractive. In addition, MDPI notifies the institutions about submissions and published papers and can arrange central payment.

Optional Services

We can discuss and accommodate any other specific needs required by an organization.


For further information and discussion of your needs, please contact:

Ms. Delia Mihaila
Publishing Director

CH-4020 Basel, Switzerland


St. Alban-Anlage 66
CH-4052 Basel
Tel. +41 61 683 77 34
Fax +41 61 302 89 18
[email protected]

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