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秒速赛车是哪里的开奖 Our author services and English editing will ensure your paper receives editing which is fast, accurate, and competitively priced. For language editing, native speakers edit every manuscript and can help to improve your expression at any stage prior to publication. We offer the following services:

  • Layout editing: Preparing your submission to an MDPI journal, completed in 1 day.
  • Rapid grammar check (regular edit): Feedback on the grammar and phrasing used in your paper within 2 business days.
  • Specialist edit: A grammar check followed by a check of subject-specific terms and style by an expert in your research field.
  • Ithenticate plagiarism check: Receive a report showing text duplication and potential plagiarism, along with advice on where to modify text and add further citations.

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The 2019 MDPI Writing Prize: We invite essays of up to 1000 words to be submitted for this year's writing prize. The theme is "Judging research: How should research and researchers be evaluated and rewarded?" For furhter information and conditions, see the announcement.

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